KiVa Game 1

KiVa Game 1 takes place in fictitious KiVala School and school yard where the player can interact with a number of NPCs. Through 18 missions the player will practice how she or he can tackle bullying in various social situations. The game promotes players group skills in a fun way and teaches them to identify roles and emotions related to bullying.

The game is targeted to the pupils aged 7 to 9. KiVa Game 1 has got colorful graphics and its big fonts are easy to read. It´s easy to identify with the characters too, thanks to the dialogue that is spoken in children's voice.

KiVa Game 1 is available in both domestic languages Finnish and Swedish and also in English, Welsh and Flemish. KiVa Game 1 will soon be available as a mobile app for iOS as well.

All the KiVa games are included in the Finnish syllabus while teaching the serious matter in approachable way. All the KiVa games have been developed in cooperation with University of Turku and Ministry of Education and Culture, and they are part of the KiVa-School anti-bullying program.